Meat pie.

So I'm not all that much of a pie eater. And I will generally opt for a vegetarian option on any menu. But the marriage of both meat and pie is a beautiful one...especially when you look through the cabinets (late at night, in your pajamas) four or five times hoping for something to make itself for dinner. I got creative and this came out. And it was guh-huh-huh-hoooood. Because of it's awesomeness, I will share the recipe (it is probably a great one to make with Thanksgiving leftovers!):

Meat (I used chopped cooked chicken, sliced pepperoni & a few chopped slices of ham)
One can of Cream of Chicken soup (though any old Campbell's Cream of whatever will do)
1/4 cup milk (Cream, soy milk, hemp milk...whatever)
One can crescent rolls
I mixed all the meat, soup, milk and a generous sprinkling of ground pepper and garlic in a bowl and poured into my favorite pie plate. I simply arranged the crescent triangles on top of the pie and baked it according to the temp. on the can until it was golden brown. (375 degrees for about 20 minutes).
It smelled really good as it was baking, and surprisingly tasted even better than that! I know...not a healthy meal....but it sure hit the spot on a cold fall night AND I didn't have to go to the store!

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