My Play Space

Before I traveled back to Asheville, I got the amazing opportunity to paint My Play Space in West Lebanon, NH. This play space has a new concept that is going to take off and be a huge hit in the community: an educational and diverse place to bring your kids (ages 1-6) and be an adult too! Parents have to stay with their kids, but there is a lil' wifi zone and cappuccino for them on the upper deck, where they can watch their kids play. And boy do the kids get to have an experience!
It is an internationally themed indoor play arena; I did all of the mural designs and assisted with the design of the play structures. From a double decker bus to an Eiffel Tower (both with slides! Weeee!) to a deli to Lego Land, the place is chock full of fun activities for kids. (Oh and one of my favorite parts? The Sit n' Spin station- remember those from the 80's?) These pics are all from when it was under construction. Now that the new carpet is in, I'll have to go back and shoot some better pictures! This part of the mural is my favorite: a representation of Japan and China, with a wall full of cherry blossoms and mountains.
The double decker bus is the main attraction. Kids can climb up top, slide down and even control the wheel! The Eiffel Tower later got a slide, a net and some rock climbing pegs added, but how much fun would this be to climb?This was one of my creations: a deli where kids can serve up magnetic food (it all sticks together!)...anything from sandwiches to ice cream!
One of the rooms in the play space is a classroom, where birthday parties and classes will be held. I designed giant boards (painted on the wall) for chalk and dry erase markers.
There is so much more...the space was nearly 2000 square feet of high ceilings. So really, this is just a small samplin'! For more info about My Play Space, visit them online at http://www.myplayspace.net/, or just swing on in and say hi sometime!

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