Anam Cara Awesomeness.

I have been working with Anam Cara (Celtic translation: "soul friend") Theatre Co. here in Asheville for about a year down, helping with design projects and such. They just celebrated their first birthday on Saturday with cupcakes and live music at Firestorm Cafe and are on the brink of getting non-profit status. This company is different than most theatre groups, because they try to fuse as many aspects of the arts into each gathering as possible. From music to visual art to theatrical arts and everything in between, it is a fun and diverse group of people who come together with great pride for what the group is doing and promote social awareness.
March 13th will be a HUGE fundraiser at the Garage at Biltmore. We're calling it "The Gathering at the Garage" and if you don't have plans, you should mark your calendar. The goal of the evening is to not only raise enough moola to afford non-profit status (through silent auctions, raffles, t-shirt sales and more), but to have loads and loads of fun! Come join!

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