Don't worry about a thing...

Being in Asheville this season has been a beautiful experience in such a different way for me than in previous visits. It has come with a fair share of trials and tribulations, scattered with bursts of creativity, inspiration and concentration on who I want to be. It's been a bit of a roller coaster, but I have made it work. I have had to make a housing shift, lost 2 part time jobs to business downsizing (which I thought *might* be a sign that I am not supposed to work for anyone else?), and have been happily living out of a teeny orange room on the west side, finding clarity in what once was cloudy to me. I know where I want to be and am excited to get back to NH to keep burying my creative roots in New England soil. Money has been tight, but I have received official confirmation from my (fantastic!) accountant that I am in fact doing everything right, following my first full year of self employment. Woot. *Insert sigh of relief here*
So I have had to make simpler choices and work with what I have. This has forced me to really get down to the nitty gritty of who I am, and have come to realize more clearly what I want in life. And y'know...call me crazy (go ahead!), but when you are walking down the sidewalk on a sunny day reflecting upon these things and you stumble upon THIS adhered to the pavement, you just have to smile and think for *one second* that it was put there for you.

Homemade ceramic tile says 'It'll be fine.' I think so.

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