Day 10: Mancave signs.

I had a stack of these rusty old saws sitting around in my studio. And I had been practicing my old school Red Sox font painting. (Sometimes I study fonts for fun. No, sseriously.) So when an adorable older gentleman (we'll call him 75-ish) came into my shop and commented on how he loved my signs painted on saws, but he wanted one that said "Mancave," it was literally like an art teacher giving me an assignment. I knew I had to make some out of those saws that I had been staring at for years and years.
I just need to drill holes in these (without breaking 100 drill bits!)and wire them up so they're ready to hang. The perfect man gift for the holidays? Yes.
These (and a fair bit of what I have been painting) will be for sale at the Winter Giftopolis in Concord on Dec. 6th. Be sure to check that out too! (More on that later!) :o)

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