Day 2: Sunshine.

I am obsessed with this new reserve painting technique. I dabble in a little vehicle lettering, which leaves me a lot of adhesive vinyl scraps. And while I do use the scraps to make my hula hoops, I am excited to have found another us for them. 

This piece is pretty big, measuring over 2 feet tall. I painted a giant sun on the board, which was another salvaged scrap from the Habitat Restore (gosh, I LOVE my new neighbors!). Atop the colorful painting (and this is where you really have to trust your intuition!) I applied all hand cut letters and THEN washed over that with purple brushstrokes.

I quickly peeled up the letters (made a complete mess) and sanded down any texture to expose some raw wood. I mixed a water based, burnt umber tinted stain to lay on top of all of that for a finished product. Voila!
A rarity for me: this is pretty much how this piece looked in my head before I started. I'm sure there are many more paintings on the horizon using this super cool technique.

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