Day 24: What you love.

This was a crooked piece of salvaged plywood with not a single right angle to it (about 12x30" in size.) I decided to embrace the crooked and not over think it. (I am sooooo good at over thinking everything.) My friend Ellanna asked me in a (slightly and lovingly) firm tone the other day: "Now, um, are you going to DO anymore of those reverse paintings?" (Thank you, E.)
I thought maybe the first one was beginner's luck, so I couldn't decide. So in the act of trying to not think about it too much, but combine a complimentary color palette and work in high contrast (y'know...your average Tuesday afternoon), I decided to go simple with the saying too. It just sort of...came out.

It's a great saying. We should all do more of what we love. And though I have dropped the ball a bit on my blogging, I have every day picked up a paintbrush or tool and created this month.

Note to self (yet again): you LOVE painting. :o)

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