Day 5: You & me.

Side of the road junk piles: my car magically stops at every one I see. I found a box of kitchen-ish stuff one day this summer, including a handful (or armful!) of these wooden platters. They had a shiny finish on them, so I flipped them over and sanded them down to the bare wood. (So this is actually the back of the platter.)
And as everyone knows, I am OBSESSED with swirls. So I thought I would take that concept and run with it. I'm getting all sappy and sentimental as my love and I just celebrated our 5 year anniversary. We're making lots of changes (including possibly buying a home together this year) and I envisioned this hanging beautifully in our new bedroom. Or someone else's. :o)

Finished size: approx. 10x14"

This painting style got the creative wheels turning in my head. If I painted a monotone design in a dark sepia tone, it would look woodburned-esque. (And I'd stay burn-free!) Hmmm...that idea will probably make the cut this month. Onward! :o)

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