Balboas, beers & goodbyes.

Friday morning I hit the road south for Asheville! A couple of days prior to my departure, I sadly lost my fun, green camera in a tragic drop from a high-top table at Biederman's. One minute it was working just fine. The next minute, I was enjoying the melted cheesy goodness of a roast beef balboa and it dropped to the floor, and the screen shattered. Luckily I was able to save the pictures, and have a new fancy red Nikon (insert Paul Simon song here). Since I have been on the road and my belongings, which were jammed in the back of my van in a Tetris-like fashion, have shifted all over the place in the 1250 miles I have traveled thus far, I couldn't find the camera cord, which I'm sure was irresponsibly packed with my unmatched sock collection or box of unnecessary toiletries. Who knows. I have learned many things about myself in my last week of travel, but my first lesson learned is that I am a terrible packer. There is no rhyme or reason to what I brought, what I left behind, and I have an ongoing list of things that I should have brought, all left behind to bear the New Hampshire cold.
Oh well. All that aside, I am having a fabulous time. And as an added bonus, I just discovered that this handy new laptop of mine has a working card reader on the side, so voila!...I just downloaded my pics. In an effort to keep everything chronological, I will start with the last of my going away pics. Thursday night my friends gathered 'round a huge table at Biederman's (the site of my camera smashing) to wish me well in the best way—over beers and balboas. It was perfect, we shared laughs, and it was beautiful to have my most favorite people all in the same room. Following a few pints and some grub, we went to my place for afters, shared more laughs, and I was able to make it an early night before hitting the open road.

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