More Atlanta, Laura and some fabulous brews.

When I left the Henson exhibit at the Center for Puppertry Arts, I met up with Larry's friend, Laura at The Brick Store Pub (voted the country's second best brew pub!), who I'd never met in real life, but have been following her writing and blog for a while now (she's fabulous and you should check out her story). With only a few hours to spend in the city, Laura was nice enough to show me around and give me an alternative tour of Atlanta.

But first, I was starving and I was in a pub, so what else was I going to do but drink some brews? Kim (the bartender) gave me a sampling of the bar's favorites, and I had a few pints of the delishesness and ordered the hummus plate & homemade chicken fingers. I laughed because I thought this pile of (scrumptious, homemade) hummus looked like a muppet with black olive eyes. No? Well, then it was just because I had spent the entire day looking at Muppets. I thought the parking meter resembled Beeker.

Laura on a walk through Piedmont Park
We stopped at a little Irish Pub on our way back into town for a couple of beers. I chose 'Mama's Little Yellow Pill'- a Czech brew that was on special. Dee-lish! And, note the awesome fingerless gloves, or 'sloves' as I call them which are right beside that tasty brew. Polly made those for me and I wore them every day on my travels. They fit just right, but I had to take them off so I wouldn't get sausage grease on them:
I included this picture because most of you know how I feel about meat product in a casing. But hey, when in Rome... Laura ordered this meat plate, which featured everything from the pub's home smoked apple sausage, to prosciutto (or was it ham? or are those the same thing?), to pate (which tasted a lot like a tuna fish/butter combination). I wouldn't go so far as to say that I would order it again, but I gave it a try and it meshed well with the beer flavor.

Thanks, Laura Fries for a fun afternoon! It was nice to finally meet you!


MoonArt Design said...

How are things going?

Looks like you're having a good time!..Those brews look pretty tasty.

I am thirsty..I think I'm going to having a stout.

Lady Rogue, of rogueApron.com said...

beeeyoutiful writeup, ms. stacey! i am excited that you are going to be so close, and I hope to have you as a guest of honor at a rogueApron dinner soon!