Georgia was so beautiful. I was told I brought the nice weather with me, because for days prior, it had apparently been raining and miserable. I stayed with Joy, Greg, Riley and Cooper for a few days, in a plush guest bedroom that offered me one of the best night's sleep I have had in ages. Ahhhh....pillowtop mattress.

The Sandifers were a fun clan; from going to the YMCA to rockin' out to 'Single Ladies' with the kids in the car to enjoying fabulous dinners and drinks poolside (ok, we didn't SWIM in the pool, but we were sitting poolside and it wasn't frozen—quite a change from NH weather!), it was fun getting to know the fam. (It was also kind of cool, with their last name being Sandifer and all, that their monogrammed towels and such made me feel like I lived there...oh yeah, I took pictures of them). The weather was sunny and high 50's each day...what a treat. It was all a treat, in fact and thank you Sandifers for inviting me to come stay with you!

Zoey...my buddy. Oh my, I think this trip is turning me into a dog person.

The source of the best sleep I've had in a looooooooonnnnng time.

Riley put on pink eyeshadow and purple lipstick all by herself. :)

How can you not feel at home when the towels are monogrammed with your initials?

Sun? #9? Joy? I'll take it all!

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