Pop Asheville! (part one)

So, I roll into town late at night, after stopping at Whole Foods for a couple bottles of cheap wine to share with my new roommates (Chey & Greg), who I was about to meet. I've been in the door a total of 4, maybe 5 minutes and I instantly like them both. Greg Brown, who is a stand-up comedian, happens to have a show that evening, which was beginning in something to the tune of 23 minutes (comedians have minutes down to a T, much like radio deejays, it seems). He was being featured in 'The Beards of Comedy Show,' which was playing at the Rocket Club up the street. The show was pretty funny...I had some broken, funky chair in the front row that kept sinking down to the floor, they had a $1.50 PBR beer special (my friend Josh would approve) and I of course snorted through a few jokes and got called out by at least one comedian on stage. It's funny stuff, this place is great, and I've been here for 47 minutes.

I head to the bar to order another round of these $1.50 beers, which are tasting mighty fine after the six and a half days of travel it took me to get to my destination. I notice that the bartender, Ken, is reading The Mountain Express, and tells me that “Pop Asheville is where it's at this weekend.” I was kind of planning on going anyways, as my roommate Chey had preemptively called me to purchase my ticket, thinking it would be a great introduction to the local music scene. I thank the bartender, decide that I have committed to this Pop Asheville event for the weekend, and grab a newspaper on my way out the door that evening.

Wow. Pop Asheville it was. 3 venues. 2 nights. Something like 34 bands. Transportation included. $15.00 per ticket. Amazing.

This was the bus that tooled us around for the evening: The La Zoom! Live music with every trip! I want to live on it.

Busdriver extraordinnaire.
My rooommate Cheyenne and her friend, Ruby!
Mmmm...$1.50 PBR on draft. Can't go wrong there. And I am monotone. Double bonus.

Umbrella Tree. Very cool.

Dancer vs. the Politician: super neat, Velvet Underground-ish band. The adorable German lead singer completely captivated the audience.

My favorite new band of the night: Ruby Slippers. This supercool Madonna-esque chick had a beautiful voice, which meshed well with some electronic beats and whatever that keyboard-y instrument is that that dude is playing. I will be sure to check them out again!

I took this one for you, Jim. First of all, who knew that Genny Cream Ale comes in glass? Second of all, I didn't know you could buy the stuff at bars!
This was the moment I discovered the sepia setting on my camera. Niiiiice. I will use that one a lot in my travels. Removing the color from a picture seems to capture a certain non-commercialized beauty that I love.
Ummm, so this is my shoe.

Mad Tea Party! I saw these guys play at the Northeast Kingdom Music Fest in Vermont two summers ago, then last winter in Bradford, Vermont. Post show, I said hello to them and it turns out, they live here. Funny I should catch them in Vermont of al places and then Asheville! But now I can catch them hopefully more often!

I love these guys and their unique rockabilly sound. And what's cooler than a chick with a ukulele?

Weeeeeeeeeeee! Ami Worthen rockin' it out!
What a ridiculously fun night! And that was just Friday!

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Ami Worthen said...

Thanks for writing about us on your awesome blog! I look forward to seeing you around town! So glad you've brought your positive energy to our town!