Sons of Ralph on a sold-out Saturday.

Even in Asheville's off-season, where the locals complain it's cold and businesses are closed on Mondays, there is an abundance of fun options most every night...and too many to choose from on the weekends! It was the Fringe Arts Fest in Asheville this past weekend, a dance/music/fun fest put on by the local Bebe Theatre, where people can shamelessly fly their freak flag. My friend Roy and I waited in line for this one, which was to include a theatrical/musical city tour of Asheville on the famous La Zoom bus. We were among a sea of confusion, a man with green hair, a confused box office attendant, there was someone cawing like a bird and feeding people saltines on the street, and sadly we were a mere five people away from the tour being sold out.
So, as my glass is generally half full, I suggested we simply walk up the street and turn the corner in search of something equally as awesome to do (but next year, I'll be sure to get there sooner, to assure that I get a seat for that show!). Roy and I hoofed it up Congress Street and walked up to Patton Ave. (I'm quite proud of myself for learning how to navigate around this city), where he suggested we check out Jack of the Wood, an Irish Pub known for their live music and delicious, local brews.

And we found it. We walked through the door, as we happened upon possibly the two best seats in the house. We enjoyed a few delicious brown ales and porters and danced to Sons of Ralph, a traditional yet alternative bluegrass band. What fun! Check them out: www.sonsofralph.com They were named the best local band in Asheville, 8 out of the last 10 years!
This is Ralph. He's going to be 81 this year and has been playing the mandolin for over 7o years!
It sure was a find...I'll be back to see them again, for sure!

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