Pop Asheville, part deux.

Night 2 of Pop Asheville. Didn't take as many pictures, but spent the night at the Grey Eagle (my official new favorite bar and club in the area), after riding around in the La Zoom bus because...well, because I could. Man that thing is so much fun! I caught 3 of the bands: Holiday Childress, The Champion and His Burning Flame and HeyPenny (shown below).
It was a more laxed evening, but the crowd was building at the Eagle to see the festival feature: StephaniesId. They were the band that started the phenomenom of PopAsheville last year, and played the last set of the evening. You should check them out on You Tube, if you get the chance...they're not going to be playing small venues for long!

The powerhouse lead singer, Stephanie Morgan, rocked the stage and captivated the audience with her amazing voice. And, she is absolutely adorable.

This was the We Are The World-ish ending to the festival. Oh, and look! It's Ami Worthen from Mad Tea Party over there!
So...that was my first weekend in Asheville. :o)

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