Bamberg, SC

I'd only been in Asheville for a few days when my father called one afternoon.
"I'm at Steve's house," he casually explained.
"Whaaa?" I asked. Steve lives in South Carolina. Apparently, my dad decided to do some traveling for a bit, and stopped at Steve and Dana's for a while, en route to visit his brother in Florida.
So I hopped in Janis for a couple of days to spend some time with my Pops...

It was about a three and a half hour trek to get to Bamburg, SC, just 50 minutes away from Columbia. It's beautiful out there, but it sure is flat and rural! There was an abundance of gorgeous architechture, but a lot of the buildings were vacant. My dad and I went out to lunch and walked around the downtown area, checking out antique shops and stores.

Steve and Dana live on a big piece of property where they raise dogs and horses. This is Dana and her pony, Patriot.

It's difficult to see, but that's my dad out there...cutting down an old oak tree with the horses. I think my dad has really gotten to love life on the farm...horses and all.

Brady, the Tuftan's lovable dog and farm mascot.
Thanks Steve and Dana for having me!

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