Just because I can.

I love food. As long as it doesn't contain pork product, uncooked green peppers or water chestnuts, I'm all about it. And as long as I have been in Asheville, I haven't had a bad meal. Not even a mediocre one, really. It's easy to eat fresh and organic and healthy in this town. The salads are creative and there is an abundance of vegetarian options on most menus. So I just thought I'd randomly share with you a picture of a delicious dining experience I had last weekend. Sunny Point Cafe. Yum. This place is right up the street from me, and there is usually a line out the door. But on the plus side, they serve you hot coffee while you wait outside and it's a fun and friendly joint once you get in. Ok, this wasn't the healthiest of options on the menu, but it sure was tasty!
This was their signature quesadilla with roasted sweet potatoes, black beans, and goat cheese, topped with cilantro crema and chipotle aioli and a side of my fave, sweet potato fries. Sweet potatoes, weird cheese, extra sauce and something fried...I'm in. :o)

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