The most beautiful horoscope.

I never believe those things. They are generic and can predict the future about as accurately as a misspelled fortune in a cookie. That being said, I am guilty of stuffing a great fortune into my wallet for future inspiration when one comes along after a tasty Chinese dish, and I've re-read this one (found in Asheville's Mountain Express) a bunch of times already:

"When I grow up," writes Ramona McNabb, "I want to be a river." In the coming year, that would be a worthy aspiration for you, Cancerian. You'd generate a flood of benefits, some unexpected, by cultivating your ability to be perfectly yourself as you flow ever onward in rhythm with the sky and the earth, unimpeded by the fluctuations of light and darkness, and in love with the ceaseless movement of your own strong currents.

Wow. I still don't fully believe in astrology, but that it just gorgeous.

In somewhat related news, I am designing a series of t-shirts, which will be for sale this summer. I have some funky yet simple color schemes picked out, and they are going to be printed on cotton t's, just in time for summer. I have a few fun sayings and doodles...here is one that I was thinking of working with. There is also a funky owl design, and I'm working on a dancin' in the rain (my fave sayin') design...

Whattayathink? Please comment, or nod yay or nay. :o)


Meg said...

sounds very cool! i can't wait to see the Owl design!!!

Mommy Fashionista said...

I would love the dancing in the rain, and think it should come in kid sizes, too (or maybe splashin' in the puddles? haha). Cute ideas!