Woody Wood & Hollywood Red at Jack of the Wood

That's a lot of 'woods'. :) Saturday night I stumbled upon perhaps the best local act I've seen since I've been here (so if I have said this before, scratch that). Woody Wood and Hollywood Red were featured at Jack of the Wood, my new favorite Irish pub on Patton Ave. For five bucks I danced the night away to this amazing trio of soul and funk. (I have the feeling that in short time, they will be playing larger venues and for waaay more than five bucks!) Good wine, great people, fun night. Check out Woody Wood's stuff here: http://www.reverbnation.com/woodywood. You won't be disappointed!Check out Mr. Tony Black's (on the left) groovy guitar (which is called a 'Woody')!

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woody wood said...

Hey!!!HollyWoodRed is the WHOLE band!!!!Thanks for the awesome KUDOS!!!!
Woody Wood and holllywoodred.
That's Mr.Tony Black with the beautiful bass guitar!!!!(it's called a Woody!!Seriously!!!)