Kids, don't try this at home.

We headed to Hookah Joe's Thursday night to hear some acoustic tunes and enjoy some smoke. Now I'm not a cigarette smoker, but I do enjoy a delicious clove or cigar on occasion. And the atmosphere at HJ's is just right-- a little like hanging out in your friend's basement, but with comfy, leather couches, live music and an extensive menu of hookah flavors to chose from. We tried two types that evening: a plum/apricot mix and pumpkin pie.
It was Susan's birthday (on the left) at the stroke of midnight. We rang in the evening with our little rendition of 'The 12 days of birthday'...but I have to leave out the lyrics because of the vulgar content. (Bad enough I am kind of promoting smoking, here). We passed around the camera to take some pics and just have fun with it all. As you can see, Scotty (above, also a non-smoker) mastered the smoke ring. Impressive.

Oh, hey...meet my new roommate, Cheyenne. I know you can tell my this photo alone, but she is a super rad roommate.
Lydia: one of favorite people I've had the pleasure of meeting in Asheville.
So in conclusion kids: don't smoke. And don't forget to drink your Ovaltine. :o)

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