Cool stuff I've done in the past 48 hours (In no particular order):

I have finally found success in grilling tofu! I made a ginger terayaki sauce, marinated the tofu, and grilled it up to perfection:

Finally got some good ideas going for outdoor signage and a logo for my shoppe on Squam, which will be opening no later than June 15th. (Sidenote: I just scheduled an Open House for July 11th, so mark your calendars!)

I ate this salad, which MIGHT be quite possibly the best meal in the city in terms of value and healthiness. I dined at Scully's on Walnut St., where I sat in the sun, drew in my sketchbook (my shoppe design, actually!) and ordered their chef salad, which included grilled shrimp and spicy walnuts. Homemade dressing, sliced avocado...yum! Only $8.00!

Got my eyebrow repierced. I couldn't get my jewelry in (I took it out about 5 years ago or so), so I went and saw Chris at Mystic Tattoo, and he stabbed a needle through me eyebrow. Man, I forgot how much I love that feeling. I will most likely be returning to New Hampshire with a face full of metal.Then Chris gave me this fortune cookie: It's not the having, it's the getting. Hmmmm.

Went to the Grey Eagle for a live acoustic show: Nikki Talley. I love this place and got there earlier than I meant to, so I shot some groovy pictures of the stage:

Played some make-shift Pictionary at the bar with my friends as we were waiting for Nikki to start singing (I just HAPPENED to have some Sharpies and a notebook). I think this was the funniest drawing-- Lin's rendition of 'shake your booty'--ha! Reminded me of my friends back home and the killer games of Pictionary I have played (and can't wait to play!) with my friend, Rox. :o)

Yay! My two friends: Jerri & Kim. They're super great.

Nikki Talley was amazing. She had an honesty to her lyrics that I clung to all night, and a beautiful vocal range. Her mom came up for her last song and sang a duet with her, and we all danced with Nikki's grandmother, who was rockin' out in her wheelchair in the audience. She was so sweet..."girl," she told me, "if I didn't have a bad hip, I'd be dancing just like you. I may be old on the outside, but I'm 21 on the inside!" She was absolutely adorable!
Aaand, I also watched an embarrassing number of 'the Office' episodes. I was waiting for Jim and Pam to hook up, and now that they have, I still cannot look away! I'm addicted!

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