Luck of the Irish?

I'm not going to lie...St. Patty's Day in this city was kind of a disappointment, and not for my lack of trying (and I guess especially since I have spent a St. Patty's day in Dublin, which pales everything by comparison). Now, I know I do not have a single strand of Irish running through my blood, but hey, I can drink beers and party with the rest of them, even on a Tuesday! So I decided that I was going to have some beers for the first night in a long time (I had been trying to maintain a gluten-free diet for the past few weeks). But that one fire marshall seemed to be everywhere we turned that night, clearing out the pubs that were over capacity. There are about a half dozen Irish pubs in this city, and I gave each one at least a drive-by, but it seemed like a lot of people were just standing around in the cold, waiting to get back into the pubs. But I was determined. Kim, Jen and I got all greened up and facepainted and started with a dance party in Janis. We had to settle for some banjo pickin' music at the Barley Taproom, and had a couple of stouts. Parting ways, I made my way back to West Asheville (walking distance from my abode) and hit up Tolliver's Crossing for some very un-traditional good times.

Something was definitely wrong here: I came back with a Coors Light hat and a Budweiser necklace. Whaaaa? When someone asked the DJ to play the Pogues, he was like, "huh?"
Yay! Jen and Kim hanging out in Janis! Weeeee!

Hey look! Random people in the bar that want to be in this photo!
Aaaaaand, I would like to showcase my fabulous greeeeeen sweater vest, compliments of Kelly Misuraca (and y'know what Bob? It really is the ideal piece of clothing-- keeps you warm, but you can move your arms around too. Brilliant.)

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