Mad Tea Party at the Bo Bo Gallery

I had never been to the Bo Bo Gallery on Lexington, and when I walked in, I felt right at home. With it's funky décor and gorgeous artwork adorning the walls (and fine selection of beers and wine), it was a fun place to get down an boogie on a Saturday night!
The Mad tea Party is a local favorite band who were featured at the Bo Bo; I love to catch them any time I can around the city. I actually met the duo (Jason and Ami) in Vermont at the Northeast Kingdom Music Festival a couple years ago. They are such fun and have great energy, with a funky rockabilly style to their music. And who doesn't dig a chick rockin' out with a ukulele? To find out more about Mad Tea party goodness, click HERE!

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Ami Worthen said...

Thanks, Stacy!
Great pix!
So glad you were there.