My Baby's Got Sauce...

Greg Brown: “Hey Stace, I have an extra ticket to G Love and Special Sauce if you want to go tonight.”
Stacey: “Do I? Heck yeah! Woo-hoo!”

I've been listening to G Love since he hit the mainstream music scene in say, 1995 or so, and have always put a song of his on a mixed CD or in my playlist. I didn't know what to expect of him as a performer, but I was blown away. His harmonica playing was stellar, his freestylin' was amazing, and he totally had me when he broke out with 'Why Don't we do it in the Road?' in the middle of the show. Oh, and icing on the cake: his rendition of 'Gin and Juice.' Fabulous.

So post-show I was walking out to Janis, and someone was literally standing next to my van, surrounded my a group of ladies in the rain...it was Mr. G Love himself. I walked right up to him and said hey, immediately recognizing how much taller he is in person compared to how he appears on stage. He's quite handsome, that fella. He signed me, we parted ways and I thought, yeah, that was a good night.
Look how happy these ladies are around the G Love!

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