Meeting Bert Kreischer. And Melanie Maloy.

I told Bert Kreischer that he was not made for TV, after his show last Friday, when we were having drinks at the New French Bar, and he agreed with me. Having seen his special on Comedy Central, I thought he was funny, but the essence of his jokes seemed to be lost on the editing for television. My roommate, Greg Brown (creator/director of the "Laugh Your Asheville Off" comedy series), has known Bert, an up and coming comedian (known as "America's Party Animal") since way back in the day and hooked me up with some tickets to his show. A crowd of Ashevillians seemed to be Bert's ideal audience, where he had the freedom to go crazy on stage and throw around the f-bomb like it was going out of style. And that is where he shined. The show was absolutely hilarious, and no one left there without that cramped-from-laughing feeling in their stomach.
I also had the privledge of meeting Melanie Maloy, one of the comedians who opened for Bert. (If you do not know who these comedians are, I highly recommend you check them out to see if they are playing in your area!) Melanie has been compared to Ani Defranco in her look and comedic style, but is really all her own unique style in her somewhat perverse and absolutely hysterical comedy. Her (true) story of having a crush on a bum on the street-- hilarious! (Ooh, and she is moving to Asheville soon! Woo-hoo!) At one point, late in the evening I was writing down all the funny quotes all the comedians were rattling off, with plans of later posting them on my blog. As it turns out, in the morning I realized they were all just too inappropriate to post, but lets just say they were some funny folks; instead I will share these pictures from a super fun evening:
Oh yeah, that's a tattoo of the Ritcheous Babe herself, Ani DeFranco, on Melanie's arm. Yeah!
Hey look! I'm the cream in a Bert and Melanie Oreo! :o)

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