Our trip to Florida

Darrick, Alyssa and I went on an adventure to Georgetown, Florida, to stay with our dad for a few days last week. Here's a bunch o' pics from the trip.

First stop when we got there: get some food! We went to the Three Bananas Pub for some seafood grub, waterside.

And, how can you walk by this and NOT take a picture? Ha!
The first night we were there, my dad invited the neighborhood over for a live music shin-dig. Darrick and Lyss rocked it with the duets, while my dad played the drums.
Um, and I played the shaky-noisemaker-thing. Hey look, it's the Lucas 4!
It was sunny, but awfully windy on the water. But it was just beautiful everywhere. (Oh yeah, that's not me in the middle...that's Dani, a hitch hiker we picked up on the way and basically adopted for 3 days. We all loved her. Hi Dani!)
You can't hate this: sunset on the lake at night. Ahhhh.

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