oh crap.

First of all, I should be sleeping. I told myself that I needed to be in bed BEFORE midnight all this week, in attempt to break free of my owl-like ways. (For the last couple of weeks, I have been staying up until almost sunrise and sleeping in until a ridiculously late time) So here I am, trying to build a new blog for my shoppe on Squam (trying being the operative word here), and I accidentally messed up the code for my (used to be) finished and adorable blog here, that Rita helped me make. Aaaand, since I am merely trying to play with and learn html code, I do not know how to fix this one back to it's awesomeness. Riiiiiiiiii-taaaaaaa! I need your help, please! My blog is broken. :o)
(Oh, and also: if you need any help with blog design, click on the image above--Rita is the best!)

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MoonArt Design said...

Rita really hooked it up eh?

Rita's got mad skillz. I am digging the theme.