They say one man's trash...

...is another one's treasure. Just LOOK at this gem I found outside someone's house, near Kim and Jerri's house! What a beauty! I am not quite sure what I am going to make it into. Obviously it used to be an old headboard, but has seen better days, structurally. I was so excited, I already sanded and took out the old, moldy red fabric. Now what to do with it? I'm thinking a funky wall hanging/jewelry rack for my shoppe? Oh, but I am open to suggestions! Comment, please! WHAT should I make of this gorgeous piece of vintage goodness?


Caroline Pond said...

I am digging your blog veggie art girl thanks for sharing your stories. And that is such a nice vintage sweetie you found. how divine.

Anonymous said...

Obviously those are frames for carnival like portraits - like the bearded lady, a gorilla, the contortionist and well of course a trapeze artist!