I heart Howard Street Handmade

Oh my. What a great event! I was at Short Street Cakes (eating my yummy free cupcake, in fact) and I picked up a flyer to this indie craft fair: Howard Street Homemade. I popped in on Saturday mornin' as I was toolin' around in Janis, scoping out yard sales (my favorite, favorite, FAVORITE way to spend a Saturday morning with a good cup of coffee), and it was like I walked into a room of people who I actually spoke the same language with. I took the time to walk around and chat with most of the artists; a lot of them were earth-friendly artisans, working with pre-loved materials and found objects. Everything was beautiful, from the creative displays to the unique creations, to the recycled jewelry to the fun vibe that was flowing through the air. This was not your grandma's craft fair. No plastic canvas tissue box covers here or those half crocheted dishrags!This is just a teeny samplin' of all the groovy creations I saw. The show is featured the third Saturday of every month and I will be back next month for sure! If you are in the area, go check it out! Click here to check them out. Good stuff!

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