The Admiral

The Admiral is a local West Asheville favorite: gourmet restaurant by day/early evening, and dive bar by night. (At 10:00 p.m. it becomes a smoking joint and smells like a giant ashtray...there are lots of gross, smoky bars around these parts!) But I dig the place. The d├ęcor looks like something from the Roper's apartment on Three's Company, but the food is nothing shy of amazing. Everything I have eaten there has been not only unique and delicious, but the menu changes daily. I've pretty much stuck with the vegetarian options, but the menu will commonly include things like roasted duck and rare types of fish I have yet to try. Here I am eating a tempeh burger with a Greek tzaziki, homemade pickles, roasted red peppers and yummy brussel sprouts. I took a bite (for the photo opp) and abandoned the ginormous bun on this one (I had to smush it down to get it all in my mouth), but it was so, so delicious!
Um, and how cool is this fishtank/TV combo (which desperately needs a cleaning)? Ever since I read that Wuzzles birthday book when I was little where they made a fishtank out of an old television (c'mon all you kids who grew up in the 80's...YOU know what I mean!), I have had this on my list of things to accomplish in life. Along with building that foot shaped pool. But anyways, this makes me ridiculously happy!

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