The Rocket Club

Jim came to town last week to play a couple of shows and experience Asheville first hand. To say that we had a great time would be and understatement and a half, but...we had a great time. There is so much to share and I have a gazillion pictures from his visit, but I think these were my favorite from the week.

Jim was scheduled to open for Pete and J, a musical duo from Brooklyn, NY at the Rocket Club down the street. We're still not sure why they didn't show; whether it was the rumored transmission problems or just lousy booking on someone's part, it just didn't matter. Jim had to adjust from an opening set to a full night of playing, and he did just that. As a bonus, my roommate Greg took center stage with an opening act of his stand-up, and got the crowd laughing with some pre-music jokes. My new Asheville friends came over to enjoy a spread of appetizers and wine that I whipped up that afternoon and great energy was flowing through the air as we walked the few short blocks to the Rocket Club. Jim's show was spectacular, he kept the crowd dancing and laughing all night. People took turns drumming on stage with him (he had just gotten a new set of congas here in town on Craigslist), and even I took a stab at them. (Not going to lie, I have since then signed up for a drumming lesson...it inspired me!) What fun that night was! Thanks y'all for coming out!
"Closed due to cherries." Hmmm. Well, that's Asheville for ya!
"Hey police officer! You look like a fabulous photographer! Would you mind snapping a picture of all of us? Thanks!"

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