Veggie doodles.

I've been oh so inspired, sitting down in my little basement studio here in Asheville, just painting away. The dork in me who is in love with words and fonts and language has been coming out, as I have been practicing new fonts with a paintbrush. I have a bunch of new signs that I'll be posting to etsy any day now, and will be all ready to hang in my shoppe this summer when I return to New Hampshire. I am finally feeling comfortable with painting in script (ok, I screamed when I figured out how to make a sweet looking "y"--finally!), and now I am trying to find out how to make a font to sell or give away. Anyone know anything about this or how to program it? I'm thinking something like Veggiescript? Figfont? Snarkydoodle? Any suggestions?

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Michelle said...


I think you or (your font) should be called SwirlyGirl! Yeah Baby!