Building and planning and painting...oh my!

To fill y'all in real quick (in case you didn't know): I am moving back to New Hampshire in June to open a little boutique on Squam Lake (appropriately named VeggieArtGirl). Essentially, I hope to be able to spend my winters in Asheville, and summers in New Hampshire. But as June is quickly approaching, I have been working on stuff here to bring there for the shoppe. Before I left, I laid a pretty solid foundation--paint on the walls, display racks moved to the location, and took measurements so that I can be building stuff while I am here. I feel I am in good shape about all of this, and have a good feeling about it. I have been painting and creating and planning my head off!

But as I am trying to organize things here for there, I am still in need of a few items to display. I am in search of a garment rack for my vintage clothes I will be selling (we're talking vintage--just wait 'til you see some of the disco-y dresses and groovy threads that are going to be in store!) Ideally, I am looking for something like this:
But I could use something like this as an alternative:
Ahhh...but then I saw this: So now, I am trying to create a design that will be easy to build, be sturdy enough to hold a ton of polyesther suits and have a rustic look to it. Not sure if all of this is feasible, but I do like the idea of it. So, if anyone has a place they can send me to online for ideas or help, it would be greatly appreciated! Orrrr....if anyone knows of a boutique that is going out of business or has one of those metal racks kicking around (and you want to make a few bucks), send me a line! :o)

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