Things I have learned how to make...sort of.

My roommate Greg Brown knows a thing or two about cooking and it's fun to watch him create. The way that I will draw or write when I am frusterated, he will stomp into the kitchen and make something from scratch as part of his artistic expression. These creations were not out of spite, however. It was a Sunday afternoon, and while I was cooking my (what turned out to be unsuccessful) organic 13 bean chili, he was beside me, making his own pasta. He hand cut each length...now that's commitment to the pasta!
But the best part was dessert: he showed me how to make homemade chocolate souffle...and I will be trying that one again! Wow...a dessert that can be made with very little flour and is completely delicious! Yum! Now, I just need a special occasion....or any old occasion, really.
I can has cheeseburger now?

I totally love this dog.

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Jim said...

Fred! Good dog.