Hatch Asheville!

What a week it has been! Hatch Asheville is all the buzz...a 4 day fest that celebrates the freelance artist, from fashion to photography to design. I made it to at least one (free! most every event is FREE!) session per day and was able to admire some of the exhibits; I have come away fueled with inspiration. While I was unable to get great pics at some of the events, this was one that inspired me greatly: a fashion exhibit of slow design (see pic below), at the AAAC Front Gallery. These handcrafted wearables were just stunning!
Just look at the intricacy his hand dyed fabric...gorgeous!
I really liked this fabric dyed print and this picture, but more importantly, you will notice that there is a box of Short Street cupcakes down below. I went in for the buttercream coconut. Yum! :o)
And now, I am sitting here covered in fabric dye. I was so inspired by this fashion exhibit that I was experimenting with dying shiny silks and fabrics today. Ummm...not so much. Tie dye went awry! But I'll post pics on that soon anyways....got some fun pics of tie dying in the driveway!

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