Positively brilliant.

I miss having a good camera. My little lime green HP that I toted around in '08 was a beast—it took the BEST pictures, was compact (and of course was my favorite color)...ahhh, I LOVED that camera. I am now sporting a red Nikon, just a small 8.0 MP digital, that I bought the day before I left for Asheville (after the sad screen shatter of my lovely old green one, that I haven't even thrown in the trash yet—I know...pathetic!) So for my birthday this year (look out, I'm approaching my dirty thirty!), I am going to treat myself to a new camera. I am in search of something reasonably priced, but also something that will wow me with it's zooming and detail capturing capability. This Nikon...not so much. :o(

If anyone has a suggestion...a camera that they LOVE...please comment away! I am open to all brands and sizes, but do not want to spend more than your average car payment. (Or if anyone is selling one, I'm open to buying used, too!)

So in my everyday internet wanderings for camera ideas, I found myself checking out photographer's portfolios, and by way of click, click, click, I stumbled upon this site: http://www.someoneoncetoldme.com/. Aren't these great? They just seemed to resignate with me—the rawness and simplicity of the compositions, the hand-written element, the expression...gorgeous. Sigh...makes me want a new camera!

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