Details, detail, details! All of my paperwork for the state has been submitted and any day now, VeggieArtGirl (on Squam) will be an official LLC! :o) I am finishing up the final logo design for the shoppe so I can start building my sign and print my business cards and hangtags. In keeping with (my wacky) traditional font/style, I wanted to give this logo a retro feel, but with an earthy type border that can be used throughout the identity of the shoppe. I had been literally drawing for days, and today I came up with this, while (getting a sunburn) sitting on the lawn at Earth Day Fest. I am feeling pretty good about this one, but any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
I am also looking to tighten up the tagline, if anyone has any suggestions. I made a swap from "an earth-friendly boutique" to "a funky, unique boutique" about a month ago when a.) I got nervous about the responsibility I would be holding as an "earth friendly" gallery and b.) when I found out "unique" and "boutique" rhyme. I am still committed to making all aspects of the place as friendly to Mother Earth as possible and will be bringing in many artists who work with recycled mediums. But I am also extending the opportunity to some artisans who may not work from all salvaged/recycled materials, so that I can provide a greater variety.
So think tagline and feel free to shoot me a line with any suggestions/comments! Just to get your creative juices flowing, here are a few (of the many) crafts that will be featured in VeggieArtGirl: vintage/retro clothing, handsewn aprons, funky jewelry, photography, woven fibers, herbs, lotions and potions, mosaics, fun hats and more. It's going to be great, and if you are looking for a place to sell your wares this summer, also hollar at me! Thanks!

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