Asheville Adventures

The best part about living in a fun and creative community such as Asheville is being able to show it off to your best friends when they come to visit! Tina and Tanya have been planning a trip to see me since before I moved and I had been looking forward to it for quite some time. Two of the best friends in the world and 4 days of fun (which ended in a roadtrip to Atlanta, where we met up with our other friends, Amy and Dave)--how can you go wrong? Here is a photo recap of just a piece of the silliness, fun and laughs we shared:
First stop: Hookah Joes' for some bellydancing and hookah. Check this chick out--she was AMAZING! Walking through the city, taking pictures in the sunshine....
Then there was that hat-wearing photoshoot with the neighbors...
Yay! Wine and sushi!
Mmmm...sushi. Mmmm...friends. :o)

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