Bread and Puppet

I have never been exposed to so much randomess; Asheville is not only alive with creativity, but it tends to pop up when you least expect it. Like a Bread and Puppet show in the River Arts District, for instance. Word on the street was that they were here for a celebration of Asheville Center for Puppetry's tenth anniversary: The Bread and Puppet Circus, all the way from my old stompin' ground in Glover, VT. Back in the day, my friends and I would camp out in Vermont for a day of festivities and watch the shows. Now they have weekly summer shows in Glover and apparently tour about when they can. It was a gorgeous day and a hilariously beautiful show for the young and old. And it looks like they are going to be touring for the rest of the spring, so if you have the chance, check them out! http://www.breadandpuppet.org/

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