Asheville celebrates Earth Day

Been out of the loop, travelin' about. Sorry about the delay in posts here. :)

In a green community full of artists and musicians, a day such as Earth Day does not go out without a bang. And now that everything is a-bloomin' and the sunshine is warming the earth, there are outdoor festivals and celebrations nearly every weekend. Asheville Earthfest was in the downtown area, and invited anyone to come enjoy free live music all day last Saturday (One of my favorite local bands (from S.C.) Soul Driven Train performed, who I had the pleasure of seeing the day Obama was inaugurated). The fields were lined with everything from kids' activities to locally brewed ales to healthy home cooking. It was the first summeresque weekend that Asheville had seen in a while...what a gorgeous day to be dancing in the sun!

Ferrah and her mamma, Mary Beth. :o)

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