Horseshoe in Asheville.

My friend Horseshoe came to visit Asheville for a few days (y'all may know him as Jason, but on the trails he also goes by 'Blink'). He has been hiking the Appalachian Trail for 6 weeks now, and his latest stop in Erwin, Tennessee was just a short drive away. So I picked him up so he could stay at 99 Vandalia for a few, take some hot showers and relax. I gave him the abbreviated version of my Asheville tour, but mostly he was just interested in laying low and relaxing. “Snarks,” he told me, “Just do what you would normally be doing and I'll join you if I feel like it.” So that's what I did. Not sure that Horseshoe had envisioned his visit would involve the following, but here are a few of my favorite things that we did:

-Goodwill, Goodwill, Goodwill. When I find someone that enjoys thrifting as much as I do, I take them to Goodwill...especially the Clearance Center!

-Kim's birthday party, which included a trip to Hairspray, one of our local gay bars for bad music and late night dancing.

-Cinco de Mayo party with crappy tomato beers and super good chocolate cake

-Cooking dinner and sitting out on the back porch in the gorgeous evening weather

-Went to The Thirsty Monk, where we sampled a bunch o' beers. Then we went downstairs to try a samplin' of their traditional Belgian brews.

-Drum circle in the center of town. This included a live demo of Horseshoe hula hooping, some bizarro street performers, and ended in the best ice cream ever

-Yard saling (Horseshoe scored a game of frisbee golf and a vintage tent that he is going to live in this summer!)

We had a fun week. And he left me with a bunch of pictures from his hiking journeys so far. I am going to sort through and edit them, and post them soon to share. Stay tuned....you're going to be impressed with what he has seen on the AT!

This was a pic I took of Kim's birthday cupcakes. Doesn't really have much to do with any of this...I just like it. Mmmm...cupcakes.

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