The LaZoom Tourbus (also known around the city as “the big purple bus”) gives daily historical tours of Asheville, mixed in with a comedy routine and hysterical passenger participation. I had been planning this for quite some time and was really excited to go on the bus myself. I've been on the bus a handful of times, as it can frequently be seen shuttling around crowds at festivals, so I did not know what to expect for a paid “traditional” tour. I surprised Tina and Tanya with tickets to ride the bus on the last day that they were visiting (hey...two things for the price of one....I didn't have to give them a tour myself AND we could drink cocktails on the back of a big fun purple bus that even stopped midway at a bar!) The ride was absolutely hysterical and worth every penny! Jen (one of the owners of the bus) dressed as an adorably tacky diner waitress who presented an hour and a half of side splitting comedy. The bus drove through downtown, the River Arts District and Montford homes, where we got to “ooh” and “ahh” over the gorgeous old houses. The bus “picked up” various characters along the way—from a fire-eating nun to a “levitating healer” named Tony to an artist painting down by the river, who came on and drew a caricature of one of the riders. Completely fun—check it out at http://www.lazoomtours.com/!

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