Castles in the sand.

I took a quick trip back to New Hampshire (a really quick one, so I am sorry if I didn't call you!) and was able to sort some things out. With the help of my good friend Joyce (aka 'Rox'), I got the walls patched, did some painting, raking and planning in my (soon-to-be-open) shoppe. Thanks, Rox for your help! Butttt...we did take a break to enjoy some of the gorgeous weather that we had and play in the sand for a bit...
The Corona Castle!
"Hey look Snarks...a red cup! Now we can make a sandcastle!"

Check out the Corona Castle Extraordinaire

Some fine features of our castle include: a custom rock wall, fancy shrubbery, a moat and a drawbridge. I'm so excited that I am going to be able to walk out my shoppe door and see this every day this summer!

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