Paws in the Park

I'm going to be honest with you: I have never been a dog person. I think I was actually taught when I was younger to fear dogs, and grew up in a petless household (My dad finally broke when I was nearly 16 and I finally got a cat!). But living in Asheville has changed me in that regard; it is such a dog-friendly city. There are pooches everywhere you go, and I have enjoyed being around so many of them. Buttttt....I especially love my roommate's dog Fred. We're such pals...I never thought I could dig a dog this much.

Last Saturday I took my buddy Fred to the Paws in the Park event in Fletcher, NC. It was a gathering of pups for some socialization time--we got to play with other doggies, take an obedience test (ummm....we didn't quite pass that one), try free samples, win prizes, and there was a parade of dressed up doggies. Fred didn't want to do that, but look how handsome he was in his bandana! And check out the pics of the new friends he made!

Here's Fred, riding in Janis, wondering where the heck I was going to take him.

Some of the costume winner from the parade
This little pooper's name was Cash. A mini Fred!

This is Lydia's puppy, Roxy (above)

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