We're leaving on a midnight train to Georgia...

(ok, it was more like a morning ride in a pickup truck, but you get the idea)

The timing worked out great for Tina, Tanya and I to road trip to Atlanta, to meet Amy and Dave who were vacationing at Amy's best friend Joy's house. Following 4 days of fun in Asheville, we hopped in Willie, Tanya's new Toyota, and meandered through the mountains to the sunny lands of Atlanta. And with the exception of a grocery store run, we didn't leave the Sandifer's palace. It was beautiful and relaxing and absolutely fabulous! What a fun reunion of friends who would normally be hanging out in New Hampshire, but instead of cheap wine and snowbanks, it was blender drinks poolside in the sun. Thanks Joy and Greg for hosting us...it was wonderful!
Who's on gaycation? We are!

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