Gettin' inked.

Tattoos and Toast
a short play, by Stacey Lucas

Tina, Tanya and Stacey (Fig) are sitting on the back deck of Fig's place in Asheville, enjoying a home-cooked breakfast and the sunshine one Monday morning.

Tanya: Ummm, Tina, I think Fig has something to share with you..a surprise.
Fig: Wellllll....you know how you have been wanting to get a tattoo?
Tina: Yeah?
Fig: I have been working on a design. And I have been talking with a tattoo artist downtown about getting it done. In fact, he is finalizing your design and I made an appointment. You are getting a tattoo today. And it is going to be a birthday present from Tanya and I to you.
Tina: Whaaaaaa? Weeeeeee!

And off we went to Freaks and Geeks Tattoo Parlor in West Asheville. Well, after a trip to the Goodwill Clearance Center (hey I wanted to give my friends a true Asheville experience!)
Tina has always wanted a tattoo of a firefly, which represents her life in many ways. And in the trail of light are three little blips of light, each representing her two children and Tanya. :o)Galen, tattoo artist extraordinaire.

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