Ever been here?

I had never flown out of Detriot before, and don't mind saying that there was an annoying stretch of land between gates. There is something like 150 gates in Terminal A alone! But, since I had time to kill, I went exploring and found myself wandering through this cool tunnel. The corridor has sculpted glass walls, fabric ceilings and 400,000 computer-generated lights. There is a broad spectrum of music that dictates when the lights blink and change color--everything from electronica style tunes to a more tribal beat. It was funny to sit on my suitcase and snap some pictures, watching the faces of those passing through as it unexpectedly changed music and color. What a gorgeous piece of art! I went back and forth three times to really soak up the experience. Then I got a chicken sandwich. Then I went back through just one more time. :o)

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